Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Dawn of an Epic Era

Dear fellow citizens,

I'm glad the world didn't come to an end last week. I'm having too much fun. At parties i'm often the one to call for 'just one last one'. This particular party called life is no other. I'm staying for one more. We're all staying for one more.

So... new era, new name, new blog, new strange apparatusses, new music. Where to begin? Ok, just a quick runthrough.

The name, i already told you about this. I couldn't think of a more hilarious name, plus my buddy Teo Skaffa promised me to make logo's and artwork, which he did - hence the rainbows.
Please send me you're Rainbow Unicorn related images or items to shine in the "Epic Shrine of Rainbow Unicorn Paraphernalia" section on this blog. By the way, this is the origin of the Unicorn:

Ok more serious now. The recently purchased items are serious.
- A pair of Calrec 1052c small-diaphragm condenser mics built in England early 80's. Great for almost anything. My studio-guru Pieter Kloos put me on to this. Thanks Pi!
- Yamaha Elctone B805. This is one of those super ugly organs your grandma has sitting in the attic with a 10 inch layer of dust on it. It kinda sounds like that too. But there are some quirky little features that makes this one worth a ride up and down to Friesland.
- Philicorda tube edition. Must have. Always had one laying around, but rightful owner Jori Collignon came to pick it up.  So i missed it, and immediately picked one up while they're still fairly cheap.
- I already had an upright piano, but recently i put it in the studio and had it tuned. Piano's are good for karma.

Don't think i'm a collector. Never have collected anything, except for stickers when i was five. Records, shoes, money.... i like it all but collecting it is not in my nature. Records gotta spin, shoes are made for walking, money is for spending. So i actually try to make some music with all these purchased items.

GRAM's first single is out! Happy vibes. I recorded an entire album with her throughout last year. It's finished, it's epic, and it's releasedate is to be announced.

Dazzled Kid has a new video out for one of my favourite tracks on the album, Yes Yes Not Maybe.

Bombay Show Pig is a noisy-rocky-electro-ey trio from Amsterdam / Den Haag. I'm happy to announce i will producing their debut album! They have a cool EP out, check it out. I've just finished a remix of the song 'Top Of Mind', which will pollute the web anytime soon.

Jenny Lane is another artist i worked with. Her new album is coming soon and it will feature a song produced by me.

But the main thing now is De Avonduren. It's taking shape. It's gonna be something else. Remember Peter en de Wolf? It's gonna be something like that. Here's a pic while recording 'Dood'.

Did i already mention how life is living in Kytopia? It's..... starts with an E.... you guessed it. 
It's "Even Better Than Living With My Mom".  
Oh and Kyte's new album... i hear their rehearsals every week... i'm not saying anything. Just yet.

Allright dear homosapiens, so long.

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