Monday, June 20, 2011

History of a song.

Top of the monday to y'all!

Did anyone go to festival de Beschaving in Utrecht? I went, and it was awesome. Big shout outs to the people who made that happen! Great location, great bands, great audience. The Villagers were my personal highlight.

So now that my system is rinsed and i'm ready for this week, i'm happy to announce this song is in the new Amstel commercial! It's being broadcast as from today, and here's the link to the ad.

When the advertising company called me to inform me with the possibility of having our song in that commercial, i was thrilled. But they needed an instrumental version. No problem..... o wait..... where the hell is that song? Normally everything is arranged by name in a folder, you know, all tidy and shit... but it was nowhere to be found!

Digging in the archives of my grey mass, i recollected how we made this song.

It was during spring 2008, when C&K retreated in Schiermonnikoog for a writing session for the new album. We rented a house, invited some friends over for Jori's birthday party, all swell. I remember Sjam of NBTD getting a funky haircut out in the garden when the cops arrived. They didn't want their precious little island get raided by some Randstad punks. Ok, i admit it: we had put a tent in the yard without asking.

Anyway, North Sea Jazz was coming up, and we wanted to do something special. We found out Wouter Hamel was playing our song Make my Day in a very jazzable manner, so we figured it would be  nice to release that song around NSJ. Since there was barely time to get in the studio with Wouter, he was so kind to drive up to Groningen, where we impovised a recording booth in the house of our good friend Arno Bakker. He's playing the sousaphone (tuba for newbies) in the song, and he's joined us many times during shows.

Wouter returned to the civilised world, while i returned to Schiermonnikoog. Colin (Kyte) came over as well, and this was an epic moment: we all went flying kites! The true origin of the legend. Colin proved himself to be a worthy holder of the name, while Kypski stressed the fact chickens are not supposed to fuck with that. I can still picture Kip being dragged over the beach head first, bare-belly-ed.
After we dug up 2 kilos of vongole from the beach, we went home and made a bonfire. Pasta with fresh vongole and cream, oh yes. Later that night Colin added some trumpets to the song.

So that was three years ago. You know how laptops have a tendency to slide from your lap. That's what had happened to me, and it had died right there and then. Making backups is something i do, but don't remember. When they called me for the instrumental version of the song, i couldn't find it.
It took us 3 days of non-stop searching to find out it was on some dusty old hard disk in Jori's mansion.

So now everytime you see that Amstel commercial on tv, you'll think of this little story.


  1. leuk om te lezen weer! Was ook leuk daar op schiermonnikoog.
    maarre de oorsprong van de naam kyteman ligt echt een paar jaartjes daarvoor volgens mij.

  2. Super leuk om te lezen! Toen waren Sjam, Kyp, Daan en ik nog gestrand in Groningen voordat we het eiland op konden. Omdat Sjam's bus ermee ophield. En keken we hoe Nederland verloor van Portugal in de Vera, voordat we werden opgehaald door Annemarie en Christian waar we een nachtje mochten blijven slapen.