Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Indefinitive Guide to Producing a Band pt. 2

Welcome back.

I'm still coughing like a seal on crack performing a severely bitcrushed Barry White imitation. But that didn't keep me from thinking straight yesterday. I ended last days post stating that i do not intend to write The Definitive Guide to Producing a Band.

That would be a very pretentious thing to even try to come close to, so let's step down a few notches.
I do not know what i'm doing. This blog is selfreflection for the greater part. I've only been doing this for about 2 years now. Okay, i've always been in a band, kinda fulfilling the role of the producer, but that's different. That's our own music.

So i'm learning. I've learned that there is no standard procedure. No artist or band is the same, so how can the process of making a record be the same? For starters, the group dynamics are of great influence on the process. A singer-songwriter with a guitar and nothing else to worry about, needs a different approach than a full piece band with different characters. So even before going into the actual music side of things, there can be social relations to deal with. I'd never thought i'd be parttime shrink!

Egos can cause trouble. But the opposite of that, the lack of self confidence, might even be a bigger threat to the process. To 'read' the artist, appears to be quite an important asset. Get those things out of the way before you start, or at least be aware of the strenghts and weaknesses of each person in the band. For instance. A singer is insecure about his voice. The bassplayer is always making fun of this  by imitating him. Bassplayer thinks he's just being funny, singer wants to be cool and acts like he doesn't care. In that case i would never track vocals with the bassplayer being anywhere near the studio. And, for the further well-being of the band, i'd sit down and talk to the guy. Since the band hired me for the job, they trust me. So he'll take this note from me and change his attitude. Or else he's a shitface and needs to leave the band.

On this spiritual note i'd like to say farewell for today. I can feel the 8-bit Barry waiting to make it's appearance in my throat.

Stay tuned for part 3, of the very Indefinitive Guide to Producing a Band!
- S.

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