Friday, March 16, 2012

Semi Annual Fever Post

Hello dear folk.

It's that time of the year again: the obligatory fever forces me into doing nothing but digitized hardlabour again! This time i feel more like a boneless chicken straight out of a traditional Indonesian Soto soup. That's significantly better than the last virus i had months ago.... this one's quite good actually.

So i got my twitter down (@simonakkermans). Plerping away yesterday with a nice discussion on music awards and how they are a sneaky way of branding. I will not go into that right here, join the twitter business if you're interested in those middle of the road philosophy derps.

2012 is gonna be different than 2011. A lot of things are already changing, have you noticed? I'll speak for my part. In short: last year i recorded albums, this year i'm gonna be selling them. Change of scenery.
Not really - because i still live, work, play, eat and shit at Kytopia - but i kinda traded the mixing desk (noooo, not the Studerrrr....) for the office desk.
It's harvest time.

You might have heard De Avonduren. The record is going great; it sold out so fast we're already reprinting the special edition! Abel, Bram, Bink, Dibbe and Niels are one hell of a tight band together. Catch them live this summer at the festivals.

My main man on the French Horn and Cornet, Morris Kliphuis, released a very charming record with his trio Kapok. It's jazz, but it's fresh! Morris has played on every single production i did last year. He's even on the Dazzled Kid record, beautifully pictured by Menna Laura Meijer in the very striking documentary on Kyteman.

The latter chap has a new record as well. It has no name. It doesn't need one. It's ridiculous. It's so epic, it makes me want to change the name of my studio into "Tiny Little Pony Studio". Listen to Mushroom Cloud here.
There's this story about a music critic walking out the door of the control room,  crying a river, after hearing only just one song. "While I Was Away" is the name of the song. And it's a true story.

And now, Ram Pom Pam Pommmmm..... I'm very proud to announce that Bombay Show Pig will release it's album on Kytopia Records! I've been working with Linda & Mathias since august, and we went through a lot together. We conquered microwave meals, we defeated gallons of coffee, we shredded the occasional pecanrolls. We recorded some stuff along the way too. And then we had to go all the way to New York to mix all that stuff, what a drag.
But it came out pretty nice i must say. Especially considering the fact it's only one guy, and one girl. And  they're both Dutch. And pretty young also, and they don't brush their teeth everyday. So yeah, well f*cking done. Here's a preview. Now go play!

Bombay Show Pig on Kytopia Records, let me say it again. Wow. Throw your frowns in the air and frown 'em like you just don't care! - that's for the people who thought Kytopia was a jazz label.

Next time, i'll tell you some inside geek stuff on how we made this Bombay Show Pig album. I need another fever for that. Work harder. Oh wait, i'm going to Brazil in a few. Nice. They got some bad ass fevers over there so i heard.

Sneeze u later!

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